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New Assignment

Posted on Thu Nov 30th, 2017 @ 8:47pm by Brigadier General John Liconie

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: =/\= USS Thunderchild =/\=
Timeline: Present

Brigadier General John "Razor" Liconie stood in the guest quarters of the ship he'd commanded so long ago. Out of everywhere he had served this ship held his heart. He'd spent a good portion of his life on this Lumina class ship, he had even helped in her design, which included designed the ships fighter and bombers. He ran his hand along the bulkhead and smiled, it had even been the first ship of its class. He tapped the bulkhead at the door to his bedroom, they'd been ready to decommission her when he used what favors he had to save her from the rust fleet and make it his flag ship.

Razor ran his fingers through his short cropped and greying hair with a sigh, "I'm going to miss this ship," he said to the empty room.

The old Marine walked over and picked up his beret as the chimes sounded, "enter," he called as his slid his cover on then grinned as a familiar face clad in the black uniform of intelligence walked in, "Ensign Stadi," he greeted with a smile full of pride.

"Hey dad," the young man greeted with a smile and moved over to give the other man a hug.

John returned the embraced of the newly minted officer, "I'm proud of you, though you still have that New officer smell on you," he said with a grin as he let go and slapped his sons back.

"Yeah, yeah, you and ever enlisted officer over the rate of Crewman and Lance Corporal," the intelligence office said with a shake of his head, "I graduated almost a month ago."

"John, if I was still enlisted and you were my officer your nickname would have been baby face for at least the next year," the elder John replied with a playful smirk, "until you grow some hair in you nether regions your still just a kid....but, that said, you're still my kid so if they treat you to badly tell me, I May be old but I can still plant my size twelves in an was sideways with ease."

Jonathon laughed and shook his head as his completely black eyes, a trait gotten from his mother, scanned the room, "will do, old man," he replied and took a 's steps to a chair where Razors duffle set and slung it over his shoulder, "are you ready to go?"

The Marine nodded and followed his son into corridor, "your mother would be proud of you, Jon," he said finally and reached up to squeeze the younger mans shoulder.

Stadi smiled, "thanks dad," he replied simply.

The two walked through the corridor quietly for a while after that, both thinking about Alyra. As they walked and John returned salutes from the crew that had lined the corridor to see him off Stadi couldn't help but feel like he was 5 years old again walking next to a man who had seemed bigger than life to the child. He fell back half a step to let the flag officer lead the rest of the way to the lift, this crew was here to see the General not the Ensign. The tour through the ship to the transporter room was a slow one as well wishers stopped the two men. Just short of the transporter room the Captain intervined, telling the remaining crew to give the flag and his son some privacy to say good bye.

"Well, looks like this' it...and after all the effort I made to get assigned to your flagship," Stadi said with a grin.

Liconie nodded and turned, taking the bag from his son and pulled him into a hug, "I'm dann proud of you, son," he said and held the man tightly.

Jon smiled and rapped his arms around his father, not saying anything. After a minute the consol behind the men beeped and the transporter chief quietly cleared her throat without taking her eyes off the consol.

John stepped back, "you'd better keep in touch with, just because you're Intel now doesn't mean I can't track you down."

Jon chuckled, "that's my line," he said then smiled, "I will Dad, I promise. Good luck on your new assignment."

Liconie smiled and gave a nod before stepping onto the transporter pad, "energize," he ordered.

As the Thunderchild transporter room started to fade he saw Jon snapped to attention and offered a salute that any Marine would be proud of then things momentarily went dark and the transporter room of Starbase 55 replaced that of Thunderchild.

Brigadier General John "Razor" Liconie
1st Division Commander
Starbase 55


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