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Rangers Arrive

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 @ 9:11pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Captain Azala Kahn & Lieutenant Niklaus (Klaus) Stormbringer S.F. Ranger

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: various
Timeline: current

" I understand, Ensign." Klaus said in an even tone." But 02:00 or not, I have orders to speak directly to Capt. Kahn and Lt. Kirk as soon as I arrive. I have arrived."

A chuckle arose from the back of the shuttle. The six men and six women in his squad were used to the Lieutenant's dry humor." Do we need to spell it out for them, LT?"

"Quiet." Klaus said with a stern voice. They knew he was laughing inside but had to keep up appearances." Well," He said, turning back to the screen." Do I get a landing vector?" He saw the hesitation in the ensign's eye and gave a light smile." Look, I'll take all the responsibility.."

The ensign relaxed a bit." Yes, sir. I'm sending the vector now. I will try to have them there."

" Thank you, Ensign." He said as he killed the connection. He piloted in, finding a open space to park.

Kirk had the CONN, and when they received word there was another straggler shuttle coming aboard she secured Sovereign from warp, dropping to half impulse. "Steady as she goes, Colt." Tactical informed Kirk that the Lieutenant in command of said shuttle needed to meet with her, and Captain Kahn, in the shuttle bay. "Very well. Inform Captain Kahn and let her know I'll meet her there. Colt, you have the Conn." With orders given Kirk stepped into the starboard lift.


Arriving in the shuttle bay, seeing Kahn already there, Kirk came and stood to her CO's left as they faced the new small craft. "Captain," said Jamie, as a form of hello. "Gonna be a tight squeeze for this little ship what with all the Deltas."

"We'll make it work," stated Kahn, none-to-happy with having her private time disrupted...yet again. Her Symbiote, Kahn, was giving her fits these days and she needed time to sit and work it out.

Klaus finished post-Flight and gave his people orders to gather their gear. He then checked his sidearm before stepping out. He walked over to the two women, stopping a couple feet away. His eye-tricorder confirmed they were the right people and he gave a light smile." Sorry for interrupting your slumber, Captain." He said, holding out a PADD." But orders are orders..damned cloak and dagger bull shit."

Kahn took the PADD, glanced at it, then handed it to Kirk. "Look it over."

Jamie did so, putting in her Intel codes as Chief, then had the Captain add hers before handing the PADD back to the new arrival. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Stormbringer. To you and yours. Good to see the Rangers and not a bunch of leathernecks."

Kahn winced, then let out a quick breath, one that would be heard when one was in pain. She reached out for balance, grabbing Jamie's right arm.

Kirk, not expecting her Captain to get vertigo, stepped in closer and helped steady the Trill woman. "Captain? Are you alright?"

"I don't think so," said Kahn, going to a knee and still wincing. "It's Kahn. He is..unsteady."

Klaus scanned her quickly with his eye." Something is happening within their connection. Might be a hemorrhage." He yelled over his shoulder." Chief! Get them stowed and down. We start in the morning." He turned back and gently but easily picked up Kahn." Lead the way, Lt. Kirk. Transporting isn't a good idea.."

Kahn, after all her years as a commanding officer, steeled her willpower as she was scooped up. "Computer..Lieutenant Jamie T. Kirk is Acting Captain, effective..immediately, with all privileges and access that position affords. So the ship's log." Her head lolled back and her eyes rolled up into her head before they closed. The computer acknowledged the orders.

Kirk Was already moving before Kahn began to speak, leading Stormbringer through the ship and to the lift that would get them to sickbay the fastest. Her heart beat like a drum in her chest after hearing what Kahn had said, but she shoved that anxiety aside, buried it. This was no time to second-guess herself.

"I'm a witness.." Klaus said with a slight grin." Captain."

"A witness to controlled chaos," said Kirk as they reached sickbay and entered. Jamie motioned to the first available bed, looking to the ensign standing near to it. "Captain Kahn has passed out, something to do with her symbiote. See to her as best you can, I need to get to the bridge." She watched Stormbringer take the CO over to the bed.

Once Kahn was in medical hands Kirk looked to her helper. "Thank you, Lt. Stormbringer. We'll have to talk at another time. Get your people squared away, and your department, and we'll meet after that. I need to get to the bridge." With that said, Jamie left Sickbay.



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