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Gun Safety, Rule #1:

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 @ 6:04pm by Chief Warrant Officer Lohki & Captain Jamie T. Kirk

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: various
Timeline: current


As per orders Lohki made his way to Security, and upon entering saw Kirk standing at the watch desk exchanging data with the personnel. ~Intel and Security~ he thought ~makes sense~

Going through the main area he went back to the armory where he found an ensign on guard. "Warrant Officer Lohki. By order of the Chief I am to check out a firearm."

The Ensign gave a nod before she took up a PADD and checked the listing. Putting the PADD down she then spun and tapped the code into the lock, opening the reinforced door. "Come with me." She stepped inside.

Lohki followed her inside, seeing the numerous weapons and equipment. Gathering a belt that was a dark brown leather he then added several items to it, including two stun grenades and a telescoping stun baton. Donning the belt he then took the offered sidearm, holstering it. "Much better," he said with a grin. "The first rule of gun safety comes to mind."

"Gun safety," asked the Ensign. "And, what is the first rule?"

"Gun safety; rule #1: carry one." Lohki gave a chuckle.

The Ensign smiled, and did give him the eyes up and down his frame briefly.

Lohki chose to ignore it. "Thank you, Ensign." Turning and leaving the armory Lohki found Kirk leaning back against the wall near to the exit, arms folded over her chest, one foot up on the wall as she looked the epitome of casual. "Bored?" He noted that Kirk was now wearing an equipment belt as well, but said nothing about it.

"No, not bored," said Kirk, standing straight and dropping her arms as she smiled. "Just looking to have a walk and chat with a friend."

They stepped out into the corridor, Lohki giving a crooked grin. "Is that what we are now? Friends? I'll have to check the reader boards more often, I missed that."

Jamie gave him a playful cuff to the arm. "Don't be an ass." She giggled. "You know damn well I'm the only friend you have right now. Which means you are totally fucked." Another giggle.

Lohki laughed. "True, on both counts. Just don't wreck my career with yours, if you choose to do something stupid. I will ask for you as a cell mate and life will not be pleasant from then on."

Kirk laughed. "I'll take that challenge. Stick with me, bucko, and we'll rise like a sun over the mountains."

"Hopefully it's not ready to go nova," quipped Lohki.

"Not yet," said Kirk in humor. "Anyway, gotta go check some things. See ya later." She turned down another corridor as he walked on.



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