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Settling In

Posted on Sat Dec 9th, 2017 @ 12:54am by Brigadier General John Liconie

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: =/\= 1st Division Command Center =/\=
Timeline: Present

Brigadier General John Liconie walked into the Marine first division command center. It was manned by an HQ Regiment that included a few logistics companies. The command center monitored over 19,000 Marines spread not only across the task force but also planet side bases. The flag crossed his arms and stopped just out of sight and watched everyone work.

There were a few minor skirmishes, however, nothing to big it looked like. There were large screens across the front of the multi-level command center. On each screen were deployments and commanders checking in. As he watched something caught his eye and he stepped forward, "bring section three twenty alpha forward," he ordered, his voice booking through the center.

"Aye, General," a Corporal replied, "its a request from Starfleet to send a ship to evac a colony. They are about to be attacked by the Zybor," he explained and pulled up images of the Android like race attacking a Starbase.

"I'm familiar, Corporal," John replied with a since as Lieutenant Colonel Liconie flashed in the video, fighting hand to hand.

The Corporal just nodded and cut the video, "aye, sir. They are getting ready to take the planet, and as you know, they don't take prisoners,"

John nodded, "get Colonel Johnson up here," the General replied, "and call intel, I want their take."

The Corporal nodded as Liconie turned and walked into a nearby office.


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