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A Meeting from the Misses

Posted on Tue Jan 30th, 2018 @ 9:19am by Vice Admiral Chris Barks & Lieutenant Kirara Amanogawa Ms

Mission: Starbase 55
Location: Vice Admiral's Office

Haruna Haruka Amanogawa (no title available) stood at the door of the Admiral's quarters and rang the buzzer slowly.

"Um.ano...are you there, Sir? Sorry for bothering you."

OOC Hope it's okay to do this bit with you. If not...let me know... ^^;

"Come in, please" he wasn't expecting anyone

Haruka came in. "Hello Sir...I hope I wasn't disturbing you." She looked around oddly...and then said. "I was wondering...I came on here to accompany Kirara... but..there's not much for me to do when she's gone. I know..I'm not qualified for any position..but is there any odd tasks..I can help with..such as cleaning?"

Chris though for a moment and said, "Well, ten forward needs another waitress, would you be open for that?"

She smiled "My parents used to run a restaurant...I'd love that... How do I contact them?"

"Lets go down together, and I'll get you a spot. Do you have a moment now?" Chris asked

Haruka smiled happily -a very broad genuine, down-to-Earth smile. In that moment, Haruka's kind honest smile shone up on her face, showing Chris just what Kirara had fallen in love with.

"I'd be more than than happy to. I'm in your debt Sir." She bowed a traditional Japanese bow of thanks and then stood up. "Um.shall we go?"

Chris smiled and he started to walk out. He then said in the turbolift, "I'm glad that Kirara has you. She is a lucky woman." The turbo lift reach deck ten and Chris once again lead the way to ten forward.

"Thanks.." She beamed...."It's nice to hear that. I...well...I never thought I'd marry a girl ...let alone her. I always assumed I'd marry some nice boy from the neighbourhood. But with Kirara...things changed. Even when we were friends only, life was different. think I'd marry a was the farthest from my mind." The small Japanese lady looked over at Chris. "I've never heard anything about your wife...she must be very lucky too!" She beamed.... She then blushed in shame. "Oh my..I have no right to ask about that...I'm very sorry."

Chris smiled and said,"No worries, Ma'am. I'm not married. There are times I wish

Haruka seemed shocked. "Really? You seemed like the Papa I was sure..." She scratched her head. "Oh well..there's plenty of time..I'm sure...."

"I may seem like that since I have to take care of people and I take that as a compliment, but I'm not married. I have spoken to the manager and she said you can start whenever you would like. She did say the sooner the better." Chris said

Haruka smiled "Thanks! I'll do that now!!!" She heheh'ed...she went to run off....but then turned around and hugged him tightly...before running off down the hall again. "Baaaaiiiii...Captain!"

Chris smiled and said, "Goodbye."



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