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Time to hear constructive criticism

Posted on Wed Dec 20th, 2017 @ 3:55pm by Chief Warrant Officer Lohki & Lieutenant Samuel Colt & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Lieutenant Niklaus (Klaus) Stormbringer S.F. Ranger & 1st Lieutenant Killian McLean & Commander Voric Miller & Lieutenant Commander Miral Casano & Commander Frank Douglas & Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant James Kilo

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: Bridge conference room


Captain Jamie T. Kirk entered the conference room, just off the bridge. She sat down in the Captain's chair, leaning back for comfort but not a show of arrogance. Having sent out word for all department heads to meet in the command conference room, Jamie patiently waited.

Not understanding why he had been called to the conference, Lohki showed up in a timely fashion and took a seat down the table.

Colt, having been instructing one of his younger, less seasoned FC officers, read the message. Leaving his man to do his duty he then entered the conference room, nodding to both already there, and sat down next to Lohki.

Jennifer had read the messages and wondered what the captain had been thinking. But she would try to keep an open mind. Arriving at the meeting room, she sat down without a word.

Frank had been in the firing range when he got the message about the meeting. He raised his phaser up, took aim at the silhouette target hanging 46 meters away and fired five short bursts in rapid succession, then lowered his weapon and pressed the button on the partition next to him which brought the target to him to review. Three holes were burned into the center of the silhouette's head, approximately where the space between the eyes would be, and three holes burned the target just to the left of the center of its chest. With a satisfied smirk, Frank tore the target from its hook, holstered his side arm and left the range, handing the target to the range master in his way out. A few minutes later he stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge and headed for the conference room.

Kirk, glancing at her PADD, looked up at the newcomer. "Hello, Lt. DiAugustina. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you," was all Jennifer said. She still wasn't sure how she had to react to all this, and also since she was new she didn't know how the rest of the senior staff would react.

Voric was shocked about the change of command and needed to speak with the "new" Captain. As far as he was concerned he should have been given command over this "Cadet" he sat down awaiting for the meeting to start.

"Commander Miller," said Kirk, with a nod of acknowledgement.

Lohki watched everyone closely, though with eyes that seemed to the outsider to show a lazy disinterest. Hearts were beating a bit faster, either due to confusion, anger, or anxiety. Possibly, a combination of all three. He had yet to speak to Jamie in regards to his conversation with the Colonel, and hoped that after this meeting that would happen.

Colt, looking up now and again, kept his eyes on the FC console via remote. He had a star chart off to one side, working out the safest routes through Wild Space, according to outdated navigational data. With the sensors on long range there were new obstacles and phenomena that needed to be avoided with every light year they crossed.

Frank stopped at the security console long enough to access some security files. His only reaction to what he read was a silent raise of his eyebrows. Cadet Kirk had been made Captain of the Sovereign. He knew this was going to cause a problem within the ranks so he sent a message to his acting Yeoman to double security on all decks, including the bridge then he shut down the console and walked to the conference room door. As he stepped across the threshold he quickly glances around at those already at the table then over at Kirk. As he walked passed her he simply said, "Captain," and took a seat.

Kirk, still leaning back and watching those come in, hands in lap, saw Douglas enter and then heard his greeting. Giving a nod to the man she then looked to the doors, awaiting the Chief Engineer, and a few others. If they did not show up soon she would begin with who was here, and the others could get the downlow from those present, herself included.

McLean and Stormbringer entered at the same time." Sure." Killian said." I'll take a look at the suits."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." Klaus said then nodded to the end of the table." Ma'am."

Killian wasn't sure about the command switch but he trusted Kahn's judgment. He gave his usual lopsided smile as the two men took a seat." Cap'n."

Kirk, controlling her want to sigh, did not. She stood up, for all to see. "Here it is, people. As of my shipwide announcement I am captain of the Sovereign. First, by Kahn's acting captain order, and second by a few higher ranks at Starfleet HQ. For the duration of this mission, from my understanding, to be re-evaluated after we see to the current dilemma. Warrant Officer Lohki has a recorded confession by Kahn, one where she claims to be from the Mirror Universe, and slightly ahead of this future. With that in mind she made me captain to combat myself, the current captain of the ISS Sovereign. I will not hide information from my crew, unless specifically ordered to do so. We are a family, need to trust one another, so with that in mind I need input here. Share your feelings, no punishment."

Frank looked up, frowning. "Mirror Universe?" he asked, not sure he had heard the young Captain right. Young was an understatement. She looked like she was barely old enough to be in the Academy.

"So you were promoted from Cadet to Lieutenant Junior Grade and then to Captain so you can "fight" your mirror universe counterpart on the ISS Sovereign? What happens when the mission is over, sir?" Voric said with a hint of sarcasm.

Frank sat back and eyed the XO. It seemed he had not been aprised of the change in command. And so it begins, he thought to himself. Security was about to have their hands full.

"It is a rather strange turn of events," Jennifer remarked, "even if it is true that your mirror counterpart commands a ship called the ISS Sovereign and it is also true that we will have to fight that ship soon, why would you be the best to be in command. The same could be done by working in an advisory role and also, we're not always the best at fighting ourselves."

In an attempt to keep things from spiraling out of control, Frank spoke up. "Captain...maybe you should give us more details about this mission," he said, calmly.

"Thank you, Douglas, that's the idea behind this meeting." Kirk shifted her focus to Voric. "Commander Miller, your tone is dangerously close to insubordination, despite what I said about no punishment. What goes on record, and what I feel while it is happening, are two different things." Taking her eyes away from her XO, Jamie looked around while speaking. "That is what we have so far. I understand you misgivings and hesitation, I hesitated myself. However, I have been made Captain, in both title and rank, for the duration of this mission. If the CMO, or myself, feel it is too much I will hand the reins to you, Voric.

Jamie then looked to Jennifer. "Imagine fighting a mirror of yourself, Lt. DiAugustina. They know what you know, they react the way you would react. So, it takes a strong willpower to change what I would normally do to offset my counterpart." Looking at Douglas. "From what we are to understand, there is a planet killer on its way to the UFP border. Our saving grace is that they travel at impulse after consuming worlds they chop up for fuel. But, according to Kahn, this is an incursion by Mirror forces, using Tyken's rifts and subspace nodes to move the doomsday machine much faster than normal. Warrant Officer Lohki has been working on giving us a time table on Kahn's movements and promotions since she supposedly entered the UFP. As a deep cover agent for Imperial Earth."

Kirk then stood tall at her end of the table. "I am Captain, whether you like it or not. As I said before; send me transfer requests and I will okay it without any questions. Those of you who stay I thank you for your support, I will need it, and I am not above asking for assistance. Department heads are here to offer a council to their captain, and a good captain listens and then makes informed decisions." Jamie stood where she was, her eyes moving from one onlooker to the next. "So, who's honor can I rely upon?"

Frank sat forward and looked at the information that had been sent to his PADD. "As your security Chief I would suggest we figure a way to get more information on your opponent so you don't go in blind," he said. Then he looked up at Kirk and said, "I'm in, Captain Kirk." It sounded strange to say words he had only heard during his Academy days when they listened to bridge communications of the Constitution-Class Enterprise.

"That is my point," Jennifer said, "because your counterpart is in charge of the mirror Sovereign, it might be better if someone else is in command while you advise on how you would handle this or that situation. At least, that's how I see it. And also we are not sure that your mirror self is actually in command of the mirror Sovereign. We only have the word of captain Kahn, but she's from the mirror universe herself, so how can we trust that?"

"All good questions with very few answers." Kirk looked around the table. "Kahn is in stasis, her symbiote dying, so I have no reason to believe that her confession was duplicitous. The flag officers I spoke with all spoke highly of her. Azala did say she had been here long enough to attain command of Sovereign, so I can only assume that meant no less than a year or two masquerading as our own. Perhaps more. Lohki, continue your research and let myself, the XO, and Douglas know as soon as you have anything worthy to present. Anything."

Lohki gave a nod to his CO, then glanced around the table. "I will do so, Captain."

Frank leaned sideways so he could speak to Lohki quietly. Without looking at his Investigations Officer he asked, "and what reasearch would that be?"

Tapping his PADD a few times, Lohki handed it over to his Supervisor and spoke low under his breath. "I am looking into our Kahn, and why she agreed to this charade, Sir."

Kirk looked around the table, no one saying anything more, and seeing them all looking to duty PADDs. "This meeting is obviously over. Despite the disagreement some of you may have over my ascension to captain, I do hope you can remain professional and accomplish this mission. If not, we all die trying. Dismissed." Jamie did not look at anyone, pissed off deep in her core, and walked back out onto the bridge. ~Time to crack the whip~ she thought.

Lohki stood up with Frank, both of them leaving by the tertiary exit. "Commander Douglas, I am friends with the Captain. I saw the pain on her face when Kahn made her acting Captain. This Azala, from the Mirror, is a fugitive from her own Empire, according to her words. I am digging into the past to find any evidence of that. I was going to come speak to you ASAP, but this meeting was called. My apologies, Sir."

Frank waved off the apology. "I want to see everything you have come up with," he said, "but right now I think we should pay a visit to Sickbay. I want to convince the doctor to let us talk to our stasis inhabitant."

"I felt that way when we spoke with Kahn earlier, but the Captain insisted," stated Lohki. "She wants Kahn alive, if it can be helped. Personally...nevermind." His own Terran ego and arrogance had begun to crawl up out of his center and he had to rein it in.

Jennifer looked at the medical chief.

"In your mind, was captain Kahn in accordance with Starfleet Order 104, Section C," she asked.

"I'm aware of the regs, Lieutenant. Just because she collapsed doesn't mean that her judgement was impaired at all. I will run some scans." James said.

Everyone else was gone, back to duty.



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