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You what now

Posted on Wed Dec 13th, 2017 @ 2:28pm by Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: Chief science office
Timeline: after the message from the captain

Jennifer was reading up on the science crew and the projects that were currently running on the Sovereign. While it was a heavily armed ship, it was still a Starfleet ship and those always had a lot of science equipment, except maybe Defiants and Prometheus'.

She had spoken with some of the officers and put some to work to find all the information available on the planet killer and some others to find some out of the box possibilities and solutions. With that out of the way she had started with the paperwork and the projects, including the personal projects. That was also something nice about working on a Starfleet ship, there was always room for some personal projects, within reason of course.

She took another PADD when she noticed that she had three messages. The first was from sickbay about her onboard physical. She checked her agenda and sent a proposal for a meeting the following day after the end of her shift. She knew she had some time to get this done, but the faster it was done, the easier it was for everybody.

The next message was something she hadn't expected. A communication from the captain that Lt.(jg) Kirk had been promoted to acting captain. She came half out of her chair when she read it.
"What the...," she said, "how is this possible."
Normally the command went to the XO in case the captain left or was incapacitated.

She assumed that the third message would be a revocation of the previous one, but it was a confirmation. She shook her head. This was so going wrong. She had worked years to get where she was now and some hussy who had been a cadet just months ago was now captain. Clearly the name Kirk had her trying to do the same things he had pulled and while James Kirk had grown into a good captain, she knew it hadn't been all good. Well, time would tell. And she would send a message to Starfleet Science and ask around what was going on. She knew some people there.


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