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Backing his play

Posted on Thu Dec 14th, 2017 @ 9:51am by Chief Warrant Officer Lohki

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: quarters
Timeline: current


Sitting in his quarters aboard the USS Sovereign Lohki had a high ranking officer on his screen, though the officer in question was in civilian clothes. "That's the confession, Colonel. All we have so far."

"You've done well, Lohki. Even attained Warrant Officer. Impressive for one of your kind."

Lohki took the jibe in stride, his face and stance as stoic as when he had made the call. "Captain Kahn made the choices, Sir. And, you are sure this transmission is secure?"

"Code 47, across the board for the transmission, your end, and mine. You may have some explaining to do if your new captain happens to read the minor missive in regards to it. What is her status, by the way?"

Lohki gave a bored shrug. "She's an exceptional officer, in my opinion. Very much like her name-sake. A genius intellect, a loyal and honorable mentality, even if I do get the feeling she will accomplish missions and goals her way, not the Starfleet way. Well, I should say she will always buck the rules."

The Colonel gave a few nods, his face showing he was in thought over a few things. "What is the probability of bringing her into the fold? You seem to know her better than most."

It was Lohki's turn to cash in on current circumstances. "I could bring her in fairly easily, Colonel. However, that would require certain guarantees. If these guarantees cannot be met then I will not waste my time, Sir."

The Colonel gave a sigh. He hated dealing with these uppity Augments. "Such as?" Might as well find out where Lohki's mind was, and which guarantee he spoke of.

"First," said Lohki. "She remains in the center seat, no matter what. I do not concern myself with the duties Sovereign will get becasue of it, whether it is patrol duty in some boring sector or re-acquiring data on dead planets across the Federation. She remains Captain of this ship. Second. You will fight for the rights of my people, behind the scenes if need be, and get us the species designation TERRANS, not Augments. If I know, for a fact, that those are being fougth for, then I will speak to Kirk about joining us and fighting against the immoral practices of our sworn enemy."

"The first condition is a simple one, consider it done," said the Colonel. "We'll whisper in the right ears. Kirk better be worth the effort, Lohki, or there will be nowhere within UFP borders you can hide." The Colonel wasn't impressed when Lohki gave a yawn at his threat, but kept it to himself. "The second condition will take a bit of work, but you have my word, we will effort to make that happen. And yes, before you ask, we will send you coded updates on the progress, to show proof for the effort. Happy?"

"Colonel," Lohki sat up in his chair, his face plain. "I haven't been happy for years. Satisfied? Yes. We have always worked on a give and take system within the organization, and that should never change. I will speak to Jamie Kirk and lay it all out. As a cadet, I'm sure she never even thought about the others, or heard anything about them. I will educate her."

"She's your responsibility, then, Warrant Officer." The Colonel sat forward, hand going off to the side of the screen. "Contact me again when you have her answer." The transmission was cut.

Lohki sat there for a few minutes, playing with his chin and facial hair, deciding which would be the best approach with Jamie. Blunt and to the point, or ease into it? Kirk was not one to shirk or shy away from any surprising situation, so Lohki would use the bull in a China shop approach. Before a mess gets cleaned up, one has to cause one, first. Tapping keys and getting his comm unit back to standby, Lohki stood up and left his quarters. It was time to find the Captain and have a conversation.



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