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Seeking Answers

Posted on Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 @ 10:38am by Commander Frank Douglas & Chief Warrant Officer Lohki & Lieutenant James Kilo

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: USS Sovereign - Sickbay
Timeline: Current


Frank and Lohki walked into Sickbay and saw two security officers standing by the door to the isolation room. Frank nodded to the two men and wondered why Kirk had bypassed him in the placement of his officers. He would have to have a talk with the young "Cadet/Captain" to remind her of procedural protocols.

A nurse walked up to them and asked if she could help them.

"I'm looking for the CMO," Frank said.

"He's in his office," the nurse said, pointing in that direction.

"Thank you," Frank said and headed there. The door was open so he cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me, Doctor."

James was facing away from the entrance and said, "Yes, Commander, what can I do for you?"

"I need to speak to the person you have in stasis," Frank said, getting straight to the point as he walked into the office. "What are the chances of that happening?"

Lohki stood back a pace, then walked over and looked through the observation window, at the same time eyeing the other Security personnel subtly. Heartbeats a bit elevated, probably due to the fact their Supervisor had just walked through the door. He listened to the Doctor and Douglas from where he was.

"I'm sorry, sir, I can't let that happen right now. The symbiote is near death and Azala herself is on the fringe of total nervous collapse. I'm not sure if she will ever recover. She didn't leave orders or anything?" Doctor Kilo asked.

"Not that we are aware of," Frank said with disappointment. "Let me ask you, Dr. well did you know Capt. Khan?"

"I didn't know her at all. I hadn't even time to check in with her, now I'm trying to save her. It's sad. I have run scans on her brain and its in excellent condition by itself. No trauma at all, if that helps you, sir." Doctor Kilo.

Lohki, hearing this, turned and walked over, entering the office without invite. "You are a physician. Seeing to your patient is paramount, Doctor. Kahn, from what I can gather with my own senses, is completely sane. So, it gives credence to what she has said. If she is Mirror, then she is now a prisoner. With a dying symbiote, she cannot fight back."

"I'm mainly interested in why she was here in our universe and why she put Kirk in command with the mission to face her counterpart in this Khan's universe," Frank said. "If Kirk is to be our commanding officer it is my job...," he indicated Lohki, "...our job to keep her safe. I can't do that on just the information we have."

Lohki looked to Frank. "Commander Douglas, allow me to take a Delta and go to Trill, to confront the Kahn who went into hiding for THIS Kahn. I will take another Starfleet officer with me, per regulations, despite my not needing them. While this happens then Sovereign can face the nemesis Kirk and win the day." He then looked back and forth between the other two officers. "I know Kirk. More than anyone else. I will follow her through the gates of Perdition, if need be."

Frank gave Lohki a cautionary look. "Request denied, Mr. Lohki," Frank said. "I need you here." He turned back to the CMO. "I've heard of Starfleet Medical designing a device that simulates the effects of a Vulcan mind meld. Is that possible? Could it help us get some answers from this Kahn?" he asked the doctor.

Lohki then put his gaze on the Doctor, his own mind able to withstand both the Vulcan mind meld and the nerve pinch they so relied upon.

"It still needs formal approval, and I don't have the device on board." James said. He then walked over to the replicator and replicated one and hooked into the ships computer. "This will allow us to access her mind with questions and it will record as well. Since it hasn't been fully approved of, I cant use it as medical record to relieve a CO or any decision they made for that point. Shall I proceed, Commander?" Doctor Kilo asked.

"I'm not looking to relieve the Captain," Frank said, gesturing towards the door of the CMO's office. "Please, Doctor, proceed." He looked at Lohki. "I hope this works," he said to his IO as he falls in behind Dr. Kilo.

Following the CMO and his Supervisor, Lohki remained quiet, simply observing until they stepped into the ICU/stasis ward. Once inside he then looked at the weak, sickly Trill, speaking up. "It is unfortunate that we have to do this. Invading one's mind is never a joy."

Doctor Kilo ignored the remark and placed the device on her temple and took out his tricorder and told the computer to establish a link. The computer was able to pull the 48 hours prior to her collapse. James then went to the monitor at his office and uploaded the images and started to play them.

The images played by, with Kahn doing all she had done, while collapsing in pain, making Kirk acting Captain. The subsequent discussion in sickbay that same evening, before her stasis, confirmed all she had said.

Lohki looked at the other two. "It would seem that all is on the level. So, now what? We gather together and write a petition to screw over an officer who is only doing what she was ordered-asked to do? How very altruistic of Starfleet personnel," said Lohki, the sarcasm and cynicism not hidden from his tone.

Frank was surprised by Lohki's outburst and sudden unprofessionalism. It only took him a second to recover and give the IO a stern stare. "Stand down Warrant Officer," he said, his tone quiet but commanding. "You are dismissed. Meet me in my office."

Lohki gave a nod-bow from the neck and departed, heading for Security.

With Lohki banished from the area, Frank turned his attention back to the CMO. "Dr. Kilo....isn't there anyway of interacting with this person? I have to know what she knows about this other Kirk so I can prepare our Captain," he said.

"I'm sorry, sir there isn't. This is the best that I can do for you." Doctor Kilo said.

"Dammit," Frank swore, quietly. He looked, one last time at the MU Kahn then back to the CMO. "Thank you, Doctor," he said with a grateful nod then he walked out if isolation. There was nothing more that could be done. He would have to find another way to protect Kirk and the crew of the Sovereign.



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