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Almost there

Posted on Wed Dec 27th, 2017 @ 7:30pm by Lieutenant Samuel Colt & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Commander Voric Miller & Lieutenant Commander Miral Casano & Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant James Kilo

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: bridge
Timeline: current


Colt, at FC, was watching the sensor readouts for navigation. So far he had kept the Sovereign from experiencing any odd phenomena out this way, the main deflector doing its job of keeping microscopic particles from tearing through the ship like a bullet through tinfoil. Glancing at the time to their destination he saw it was now under twelve hours. Half turning his chair to look back, he announced such. "Captain, eleven hours and forty three minutes to our destination, current speed." He spun back to forward.

Kirk, reading Intel reports and crew reports, looked up at the window. Tucking her PADD in the pocket on the side of her chair, fully attentive to the bridge, now. "Bring up the main viewer, maximum magnification." It was done, and all Jamie could make out was a star system, torn asunder, the details of each world able to be seen but at a great distance. There was an odd, pink cloud to the right side of the system. Kirk stood up and approached the huge window to look at the screen up close. "What is that cloud formation?"

"Mutara class nebula, Captain," announced Colt. "Not on any previous data chart, so I can only assume that with the destruction of worlds within the system it formed from all the ambient energy and debris."

"The planet killer," asked Kirk.

Colt shook his head. "I can't discern the machine from anything else. Too much debris and radiation, and...anti-proton signatures."

Kirk turned to face her crew. "Suggestions? Ideas? I'm open to anything that can stop this damn thing before it gets too far."

Miral was at the engineering station and said, "Cadet err...Captain, we could remote fly a shuttle into the device and detonate it. The twelve hours we needed would give us the time."

"Thank you, Miracal," said Kirk, using her own nickname for the CEO, something she had come up with using Miral and Casano, then combining them. "Look into it and get it prepared, just in case. I would prefer we board the thing, but if destruction is the only option I won't be disappointed."

Miral summoned Ensign Reese to get the auto controls of the shuttle ready along with Lieutenant Rand. She gave him the exact measurements needed for the shuttlecraft. She told him to use one where it had a low warp profile.

Colt kept the deflector angled full power forward. With planets being chopped up piece-meal, they could run into meteor showers at any time.

Jennifer was at the science station. She was still not sure about this whole fast promotion thing, but she would work with their new captain for now, if only to protect the rest of the crew. She had done her research on the planet killer the other Kirk had encountered before and she had calibrated the sensors to it's specific patterns.
"Captain," she said, "I get something on our sensors. About 1.2 million klicks dead ahead. Probably our target."

"Good job, Di (Dee)." Kirk walked up to Sam, next to his left shoulder, placing a hand on it. "Steer us a course toward those coordinates, Colt." Once said she turned back toward her chair and sat down. "Lt. DiAugustina, keep an eye out for any subspace disturbances, rifts, anything of that nature."

"Yes, sir," Jennifer said with a tone of voice that would make a Vulcan proud. As if she wasn't doing that already. As soon as there was talk about the mirror universe, she had the sensors working overtime to try and find out if it was true and if so, where they came from and how to get them back to their side.

Colt watched his display for navigational awareness, ready to evade whatever may come at them. At warp that was no easy task, but once they dropped to impulse he knew what this old girl could do and was prepared to flex her dexterity.

Kirk, feeling more relaxed into her position after her talk with Douglas, and having decided to just be herself rather than something she was not, due to that, leaned back. They still had hours to go before reaching the chopped up system and she wasn't going anywhere. If she did it would be to her ready room, no further. Her people knew their jobs, she needed to remember that as Frank had said, and that led to trust--in them. Giving orders for actions she knew were already in play was to let THEM know she was on the same page, showing unity, as Douglas had said. This was Jamie T. Kirk. Not some facsimile bred from what Starfleet expected, but by simply being who she was. All this passed through her mind within moments before she spoke up. "Good job, people. Beta shift starts in a few hours. If you choose to stay and maintain your posts I am not opposed. Use your reliefs as backups."

After a half an hour of mental deliberation, internal, Jamie stood up and went over to Voric. Handing him her Command PADD, Kirk announced. "You are Acting Captain, Mister Miller. I relinquish my command to you, to deal with this situation as you see fit, due to your extensive experience." Pulling her combadge off and handing it over, she continued. "Mark me as a guest only. I resign my commission as a Starfleet officer, since the best interests of the United Federation of Planets have not been met, by any member of this crew. Thank you." Tossing the bauble in his lap, Jamie turned and headed for the starboard lift.

Jennifer was surprised. 'What the hell was going on here,' she thought. Well, she would continue to focus on her job and leave that sort of stuff to the higher ups.

Colt had half turned to watch Kirk leave the Bridge by the starboard lift, Miller standing there seemingly perplexed. "Commander Miller, if you'll allow, Sir. I say follow her, work it out. We're almost there and we need to know, as a crew, who to follow with this rollercoaster BS we've been dealing with. Thank you, Sir." He spun around to face front and continue his duties.

Voric got up and said, "Captain, A moment, please."

Kirk, almost to the lift, spun around to face her one-time XO. "Yes, Commander Miller?"

"I don't think resigning is a good idea. I will support you, but please don't resign and come back to the bridge." Commander Miller stated.

Kirk, resigned to having killed her career before it even got started, closed her eyes a moment, gave a nod to herself, and then opened her eyes and walked back to the command center of the Bridge. Taking the combadge back and placing it on her uniform Jamie gave a sigh of finality. Doing what Commodore had taught her years ago, she took in her fear and counted slowly to herself 1-2-3. In those three seconds her fear was pushed aside and she was now going to say what needed to be said. "Thank you for your support. Better late than never." Looking around at the faces on her Bridge, Jamie addressed them as well. "When this is all over and we have completed this mission, I may not have a choice in staying. Until then I expect to be treated like any other Commanding Officer. Put your doubts in the toilet because is where they belong. If I remain Captain then you can transfer if that is your wish. I will hold no one back. Apologies for the antics but I need to work through some things." Setting her eyes back on Voric. "Commander Miller, you have the Bridge. I'll be in my quarters for a while." She then turned and left the bridge. (this leads to the post with her and Stone, why I am doing it this way, folks. Some of it is no longer valid, but I tried to tie in with the timeline).

Once the Skipper had left the Command Deck Colt spun halfway around. "Good shit, Sir," he said to Miller. "She's having a tough time of it, finding herself, and that support is crucial." Having said his piece, Sam turned back around.



Down in Sickbay a call came through for a medical emergency transport and Douglas's lifeless body appeared on a biobed with a medic trying, desperately and futily, to revive the Security Chief. "Found him bleeding out in the doorway of holodeck 1," the medic reported. "He has a 10" evisceration of the mid abdomen and a 6" laceration across the lumbar spine. It looks like the spine and cord has been severed. No pukse, no respirations and no blood pressure. I have no idea how long he was down before I arrived. If I hadn't been on my way to the holodeck myself...." He moved aside so Dr. Kilo could ascess the patient.

James came running over and took out a medical tricorder and scanned the Commander. His heart wasn't beating and he wasn't breathing at all. He had the EMH run another scan and the EMH confirmed he was dead. James was in shock. A holodeck program did this. He had to excerise his medical duties to the crew.

"Computer, this is Doctor James Kilo, Chief Medical officer on the USS Sovereign. A crewmember has died on the holodeck, until further notice all holodecks and holoprograms are suspended until further notice, this is a level 1A priority and I am the only one who can override this." Doctor Kilo ordered

"Acknowledged, input autherization code of suspenstion of holodecks and programs." Computer repiled

Doctor Kilo said, "Authorization, DK527591A."

"Order Acknowledged." the computer said.

The EMH disappeared.


Sitting in her quarters Kirk sat behind her desk there, deep in thought. Her screen gave a light bleep and then the message for the holodecks popped up. What the hell, she thought. Sitting up she tapped her keys and found out why, tapping her badge. "Captain to Security."

"Security, Captain."

"All holodecks are to remain closed down, and I want them locked until an investigation can be done by both Engineering and Operations."

"It will be done, Sir."

"Thank you, Kirk out." Not knowing the situation with Douglas, and not wanting to be in the way down in Sickbay, Jamie stood and left, arriving back on the bridge a few minutes later. "Commander Miller, the holodecks have malfunctioned and Commander Douglas is down. The Doctor shut them down and I have backed that order. Please, go down to Sickbay and keep me informed of his condition."

Having given the order and asking the request Kirk went and sat down in her chair.



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