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Posted on Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 @ 10:02pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: ready room
Timeline: current


*What a bag of dicks* thought Kirk after Douglas had left her office. Taking up the delivered uniform she went into her bathroom and changed into it. She liked it. Going back out to her desk she sat down, leaning back and dousing the lights by 50%. All she kept hearing was shit about inexperience, and yes, she had that. But, at the same time age was not a factor in wisdom, love, leadership, or many other instances in life. To judge another merely by age was a mistake. Temujin had taken his entire clan and conqeured the others, as a boy, and then brought them together to create the greatest empire Earth had ever seen. The Mongols were feared for centuries after that, their armies unstoppable.

If what Kahn had said was true, and Kirk had no reason to doubt it, then she would be facing herself. The XO had given her shit, now Douglas. Who was next? There would be a stop to it. What Douglas had said made sense, and she had taken some of it to heart, but to accuse her of having a chip on her shoulder any less sizeable than his own was beyond bullshit. Hypocrisy was one thing Kirk despised above anything else. It was like a preacher telling men to keep their dick in their pants while getting a secret blowjob at the podium while giving a sermon.

Kirk knew her responsibilities and had baited Douglas into revealing more of himself than she thought he would. How soon they forget she is an Intel specialist. All his worries were for naught. The commanding officer is ultimately responsible for the safety and efficiency of everyone under her command, as she had stated but he seemed to not care about. While a commanding officer retains the right to delegate responsibility, she still retains the ultimate responsibility for the safety and efficiency of everyone under her command, which she had stated several times. A commanding officer is also legally responsible for all orders and delegated responsibilities under her command. If a commanding officer delegates a security responsibility to a subordinate, the commanding officer is still responsible for the safety and efficiency of the subordinate, period. But, again, that didn't seem to matter.

Starfleet understands that the responsibilities of a commanding officer may require unique freedom during unconventional situations, such as the changing conditions of combat or when faced with an unpredicted challenge. A commanding officer has the right to depart from her official orders in these cases, but when she does, she takes full responsibility for the departure from orders. She must immediately report the change to her official responsibilities and report the reason for the departure. If a commanding officer has prior orders to remain in a specific position and discovers a threat in a nearby location, she can take the responsibility of ordering her personnel into harm's way to confront the threat, but she is responsible for explaining the reason for the change in orders.

It was not about being nice, or easy to get along with, it was about moral leadership. A commanding officer is responsible for presenting herself as a positive, dominant, moral influence. Essentially, a commanding officer is responsible for setting the example to her subordinates for how Starfleet should act, respond and carry out responsibilities. A commanding officer should make decisions that put the safety of her subordinates and the success of her responsibilities over her own benefit. She should act, always, in the best interest of Starfleet, the Federation and her personnel.

Hearing what Frank had said had gone deep. He was trying to guide her for her benefit and that of the crew, the mark of a good supervisor. No one else had come forward, seeming to want to ignore her. Douglas had been aiming at conduct. Jamie T. Kirk would be herself. Getting up and going over to her sofa, Kirk removed the jacket and hung it over the back of a chair before she laid down and crossed her legs at the ankles, staring at the ceiling in thought.



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