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Someone Messed With the Program

Posted on Sun Dec 24th, 2017 @ 3:20pm by Commander Frank Douglas

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: USS Sovereign - Holodeck 1
Timeline: Current


Frank tried to nap in his quarters but was too keyed up after the day he had had. His brain scrolled through thoughts of how to get information on this whole mirror business. He didn't want Kirk going into battle with her MU counterpart blind. It all seemed to black and white and, in his experience, nothing was ever just black and white. There was always a grey area and if you weren't prepared for what was in it it would slip up and bite you in the ass. He rolled over in bed and tried to force his eyes to stay shut. White paper. White paper. White paper, he repeated in his mind, trying to visualize a blank sheet of white paper, but the trick that usually worked to lull him to sleep was failing miserably so he sat up and rubbed his face, running his fingers through his hair then getting up. "Lights on," he said and, when the room was lit he grabbed a weapons bag out of his closet, tossing it on his bed. He opened it to reveal a dagger, several flash bang grenades, a cross bow, arrows and a Mazarite sidearm in a leg holster. He dressed in a pair of cammo cargo pants, combat boots and a cammo tank top. He clipped the dagger's sheath to his belt and slid the dagger into it. He slung a grenade belt cross ways over his shoulder and loaded the grenades into the holders. Removing the holster her strapped it on his right thigh and checked the reach then holstered the sidearm. Attaching his combadge to his shirt he removed a cammo sweat band from the bag and slipped it over his head then headed for the Holodeck.

A few minutes later he activated the control panel by the doors of Holdeck 1 and said, "load program Douglas 42A and play." After a few whirs and clicks the doors of the holdeck slid open and he stepped into a dimly lit passageway that appeared to be in an ancient castle. The doors closed behind him and only the control arch remained. He stepped through the arch and it disappeared, blending into the atmosphere of the program.

With knees slightly bent, Frank removed the sidearm and held it with both hands against his chest, pointing downward but ready to aim. He moved slowly further into the passageway. When he approached a junction, he slowed, moved closer to the wall and made sure the crossing was clear before advancing.

Reaching the third passageway he smelled something other than the dank, moldy odor of the granite stone walls and he slowed even more...actually sidestepping to the corner. He was right to be cautious because a huge man wielding a very large sword stepped out from the darkened crossing and swung the blade.

Frank took two steps backward and fired, hitting the massive warrior in the chest. The warrior melted to his knees and Frank used his foot to push the man backward, giving him one final shot just to be sure, then he continued on.

He came to a left turn and backed up to the wall, peering around the corner then advancing. He passed a door that appeared to be locked so he continued on. A few steps away from it, it flew open and another warrior stepped into the dim light whipping a ball covered in spikes and attached to a chain. Frank fired, hitting the warrior in the thigh. The warrior threw the weapon at Frank and Frank jumped sideways to avoid it but a spike ripped at his hand and his sidearm went flying. The pain was intense and it took Frank by surprised since safety measures had been put into the program.

The warrior leaped at Frank and Frank grabbed it by the shoulders, fell backward, bringing his legs up into the warrior's abdomen and flipping it over him then he jumped up and turned, unsheathing his dagger at the same time and holding it at the ready. The warrior was stunned and took a few seconds to catch its breath and get to its feet. Frank had backed into the now open door, removed a grenade and tossed it into the passageway. It went off with a loud bang and blinding light, stunning the warrior. According to the program, flash grenades were supposed to register as real grenades and destroy anything within the explosion perimeter. So Frank, moved around the doorway and peered into the passageway. Out of the smoke appeared the warrior, limping but still very much alive. Only now he was wielding a Bat'leth and he swung it at Frank's head. Frank ducked and the blade clanged against the stone wall behind him. He jammed his dagger into the ribs of the warrior and pulled it back out as he stepped backward into the darkened room. The warrior hollered in pain and swung the Bat'leth, wildly, into the darkness. Frank took a few more steps backward. His calf met with something behind him and he lost his balance. He fought to keep from falling and just as he thought he had good foot the warrior made another swing of the Bat'leth and the end of the blade ripped across Frank's abdomen. He fell to his knees as he felt his hands grow warm from his blood and he looked down in surprise, seeing the gaping wound. He opened his mouth to order the program to end but before he could the warrior took another swing of the Bat'leth and Frank felt another sharp pain across his back. "End program!" he yelled, hoarsely. "Arch!" The ancient castle surroundings disappeared and the grid work of the Holodeck replaced it. Frank crawled to the arch and the sensors opened the doors. Frank crawled toward them, his legs now numb and leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Reaching up he pressed his bloody hand on his combadge. With his last breath he whispered, "help," then he was gone.



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