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After leaving the bridge

Posted on Mon Dec 25th, 2017 @ 7:59pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: quarters
Timeline: current


Leaving the bridge, no Miller following to discuss it, as Kirk suspected would happen, she made her way back to her quarters. At this point they were temporary, since she would be moving out in less than 48 hours.

"Incoming transmission, marked both classified and private, Commodore Stone, Director of Starfleet Personnel."

Kirk, not ready for this confrontation sighed and looked at the ceiling. "Open the channel."

Before her a holographic representation of Commodore Aaron Stone appeared. "Do you mind explaining, Captain, what the hell is going on?"

"I am no longer Captain, Sir," stated Kirk. "I made Miller Acting Captain and resigned my commission. The Starfleet I see is not the same Starfleet I just wasted four years of my life becoming a part of. I don't see anything noble, anything upright. We're an empire now, and it shows in our officers and enlisted. We're not about altruism, we're about combat and shoving our weight around ever since the Dominion war. If that is how it is now, then I will form my own group, based on all those principles we have lost, and strike out on my own."

"Your resignation is denied, Captain Kirk!" Stone's tone would brook no argument. "You are Commanding Officer for a reason. Who better to beat a Kirk, than a Kirk. I stuck my neck out for you, Jmaie, and this happens!"

"Pardon the fuck outta me, Sir!" Kirk's resolve and calm had been shattered at this point. "I had an officer walk into my office, like he owned it, said his piece. I responded, a bit harshly, but trying to find common ground. He stood and walked out, like my position or rank didn't mean a God-damned thing! My own XO responds with sarcasm, and I see the questioning expressions on my officers. It's not a matter of giving me a chance to prove myself since they have, obviously, made up their minds. A twenty-four year old Captain is beyond their means to grasp, no matter how successful I am at keeping them alive! I can do this, Sir, but the Starfleet I was told about at the Academy isn't the same one out in the field, and that is a sad, sad, sad realization."

"Stop!" Said Stone. "That is when you crack the whip, Captain. No CO is ever fully accepted, with people questioning decisions left and right. But, when it is all said and done, YOU are the Captain, not THEM! If they can't get behind that then send me their names and ranks and it will be dealt with!"

Kirk, getting herself more under control. "Commodore. You know that will never happen. I don't throw my crew under the bus, I deal with it myself, just like I did on the active duty mission as an Intel Cadet."

Stone gave a sigh of understanding. "Which almost got you kicked out of the Academy, Jamie."

"Exactly, Sir!" Said Kirk. "I would rather face charges than rat-out a crew member. I keep it in-house, unless it is beyond my ability to deal with."

"This is an order, Kirk." Stone leveled his eyes on her, even in holo. "You will maintain command of the Sovereign, you will go forth and deal with your mission. Once done we will re-evaluate your performance and conduct. Until then, you are Captain. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal clear," Said Kirk. "Sir."

"Good. Commander Miller will receive a message shortly informing him that he is XO, still, and you are Captain," said Commodore Stone. "Lest you forget, Jim," continued Stone, using his teasing nickname for her since her first year at the Academy. "I stretched my neck out for you, told Command you could do this. Don't prove me wrong."

"They have no faith in me, Sir." Kirk was at a loss. She had steeled herself for the burden of command, ready to do what was needed to save the ship and her beloved Federation. "I found a niche to exist in, to be able to function as Commanding Officer, and then one officer came to me and filled my head with doubt. The worst part; they were right, to a degree."

Stone's eyes softened. "Jamie, no matter what is said to you by outsiders, you command your way. Picard, Kirk, Sisko, they all commanded different. They all made mistakes, they all did the right thing. Hell, Sisko even put down in a personal log how he manipulated the Romulans into joining the Domion war, and stated that if he had to do it all over again, it would go the same way. It was for the good of the many, not a personal issue. I see that in you. Why I back you. I dare you to do better."

Hearing those words, and the challenge made against her abilities, Kirk sucked it up and stood tall. "Well, I made a fool of myself on the bridge. If that doesn't say I'm willing to be work like them, then nothing will." She gave a nod-bow from the neck. "Thank you, Sir."

"No, Captain Kirk, Thank you." Stone gave a grin. "Follow your instincts, Captain. Stone, out."

The channel closed and Stone disappeared. Kirk, not ready yet and awaiting Miller, took an anxious seat on her sofa, seeing if her XO was perceptive enough to know she had been calling a meeting, between just them. Things needed to be sorted out.



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