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It's time Pt. 1

Posted on Thu Jan 4th, 2018 @ 5:44pm by Chief Warrant Officer Lohki & Lieutenant Samuel Colt & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Lieutenant Niklaus (Klaus) Stormbringer S.F. Ranger & 1st Lieutenant Killian McLean & Commander Voric Miller & Lieutenant Commander Miral Casano & Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant James Kilo

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: bridge
Timeline: current


Kirk, after going into her ready room, stood at the window with all the lights down. Playing on the speakers was CLUBBED TO DEATH, off The Matrix soundtrack, a piece of music that always kept her mind focused while it played. The lights were off, only the control panels and ambient, streaking starlight gave her enough illumination to see so she didn't trip over everything. Arms crossed over her chest, her left hand playing with her chin, Jamie contemplated the upcoming confrontation. A Planet Killer, and a possible incursion by Mirror forces. Mirror forces led by herself, from that reality. It was daunting, to say the least. Atop all that she had a Security Chief in Sickbay, and had yet to hear his condition. Nothing like piling on the stress.

Reaching over to the corner of her desk Kirk picked up her thermomug and took a sip of black, Earth coffee, the warm liquid tasting and feeling good as she drank some, setting the mug back down. Giving a sigh to herself, setting her spirit to do what needed to be done, Jamie turned and walked back out to the Bridge. "Colt, ETA?"

Colt checked his flight chrono, glancing back. "Approximately five hours, Skipper."

"Increase warp velocity to eight. Get us there sooner."

"Aye, Captain. Increasing to warp eight." Responded Colt. "Arrival time now down to half an hour, Sir."

Kirk spun to look back at the bridge crew. "If all that was said is true, and we will be facing my double, then it stands to reason that I have to step up my game and think outside my box. Casano, get that torpedo of yours finished as soon as possible. We'll play cat and mouse with the planet killer until it is ready." Looking to Jennifer. "DiAugustina, work through some variations on the main deflector, turning it into a weapon of some kind. It may not be effective but we need options to throw off our adversary." Kirk tapped her badge. "Warrant Lohki, report to the Bridge for tactical duty. Kirk out."

Going to her chair Kirk sat down, her adrenaline starting to build. "Colt, once we drop to sublight correct our course to come into system closer to the Mutara Nebula. I want to use it as a defense, if needed."

"Will do, Skipper." Said Colt.

"Well, sir," Jennifer said, "the deflector can deflect larger objects that are in our path. It's limited, but if we can beef it up somehow maybe we can use it either to deflect their torpedoes or even bump their ship and throw off their aim."

Kirk turned her chair a quarter toward Jennifer, a grin on her face. "If that's all we can do, DiAugustina, I'll take it. Do your best." Turning her chair forward, Kirk watched the chrono on her armrest, each minute seeming like an hour.

Lohki stepped onto the bridge and went straight to the main Tactical station. "Set up on Tactical II," he informed the man there. The Tactical officer went to TAC II and began to set up the station how he liked, then gave Lohki a nod. "Tactical is ready, Captain."

"Thank you, Lohki." Jamie sat back in her chair, rubbing her chin again.

"It's all I can do in the time we have," Jennifer remarked, "and given the fact that we still need it's original purpose while flying at warp. Given a bit more preparation, I'm sure I can do more. But if they can't use torpedoes and we can, we have an advantage. One thing though, it will only work in the front arc as that is were it's pointed and while I can move the beam a bit, I can't move it behind us."

"Fair enough, DiAugustina," said Kirk as she stood and walked over to the hand rail, leaning on it to address her SCI Chief. "That's our advantage against the planet killer, it too can only fire in the forward arc. As soon as we drop to sublight set it up. If you can switch back and forth in a timely fashion, from weapon to deflector, that would be appreciated."

"Of course, sir," Jennifer said, although she wasn't sure what this would do against the planet killer. She thought it would be against the mirror Sovereign.

Lohki had been listening. "Captain, the records show that the planet killer fires an anti-proton beam--absolutely pure. Yes, we are far more advanced than when Kirk and Decker faced the machine but that kind of firepower will be daunting."

Colt announced from the front. "We've reached the system, Captain. Subspace distortion is now affecting communications. We cannot hail other ships, nor contact Starfleet."

"Drop to full impulse," ordered Kirk, moving to stand in the middle of the command section of the bridge. "Weave us a path through all the debris, Colt. Lohki, while DiAugustina is busy with the deflector keep your scanners open for subspace rifts."

"Aye, Sir," responded Lohki.

"Captain," Jennifer said, "in case the shuttle trick doesn't work, we can still fire our quantum torpedoes into it from the turret. Those are guided and can be fired from an angle where the machine can't hit us. And as an absolute last resort, we can jettison our warp core into the machine's maw and remote detonate it."

"Thank you, Jennifer." Kirk said this as she looked over at her Science Officer. "I have read as much as I could, but missed the turret directives. Make it happen, please." Kirk turned her body in DiAugustina's direction, but then did a pace in a small circle, speaking aloud. "If the quantums aren't enough then let Engineering know to be ready to pop the core as a weapon." ~They know their jobs~ Kirk told herself ~Trust their judgement~

"Captain," said Colt. "We're starting to experience subspace interference."

Jamie brought herself back to the moment, stepping up to her original position between the FC and Ops. chairs. "We're closing on the planet killer. Everyone, watch for subspace rifts, Tyken's rifts, any sort of rift in the fabric of space."

Commander Miller said, "Captain, Commander Casano has indicated that the shuttle is ready. I can pilot it from here, if you like, sir."

Kirk half turned to look over her shoulder at Miller, while leaning on her right hand on Colt's seatback. "Get it set, Number One. Hopefully, it will be enough." She faced the front once more, standing up straight, approaching the window to look out the bow of the ship with her own eyes.

Voric turned to his station and said, "Aye, Captain." He then punched in some command to do a pre-launch check of the shuttle craft.

Jennifer had already configured the sensors to be on optimal performance for any kind of rifts, wormholes and the like. Until they would actually need the switch from deflector to weapon, she would keep an eye on the sensors.

"Nav sensors picking up a strange anomaly ahead," announced Colt. "Twenty-thousand kilometers, ahead."

Kirk's eyes darted around through the debris field of pulverized planets and the ambient energy particles from the Mutara class nebula. Her eye caught an amber colored flash and even at this distance it did look like a Tyken's rift. "Red alert!" She spun from the window and went to her chair and sat down. "Let's see if the other Sovereign emerges."

Voric leaned into the Captain and said, "If she does emerge, I hope that she is damaged to give us the edge. The Empire focuses on weapons and shields more then the Federation does, sir."

Killian had been listening carefully as orders were given and made sure every ounce of energy that could be spared was routed to the best locations. He had sent messages to all his operations personnel, getting supplies and people where they were needed. Hearing the last, he spoke as he continued allocating power and people." If memory serves.." He drawled." With their focus on guns, they left out some redundanties. Its dirty pool, Cap'n... but targeting their lifesupport will jerk a knot in their tail real quick.."

Kirk made instant decisions based on the input from her crew. "Lohki, transfer phaser control to McLean at Ops. Both of you work in conjunction, phasers and torpedoes, in weakening their shields. Save quantums for the planet killer, Lohki." Kirk stood and faced her XO. "I need you focused on piloting that shuttle, Commander Miller. Do what you need too, to help, but make that your priority." Jamie then looked back at Lohki, using a hand gesture to make sure he saw and heard her. "Our forward torpedo tubes, keep two quantums in the speed loader. You get one tube forward, Warrant Lohki."

Lohki nodded as the orders were coming, tapping keys and giving McLean phaser control when facing the ISS Sovereign.

Colt spoke out the side of his mouth left. "McLean, lemme know the arcs you need, I'll pitch and roll this girl."




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