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Some weird stuff

Posted on Mon Jan 29th, 2018 @ 12:26pm by Commander L'Mina & Lieutenant Commander Akane Nokitsune Psy.D.

Mission: In Between
Location: counselor's office
Timeline: after meeting the mirror L'Mina

OOC: technically this is still part of Mirror on the Wall, but I can't access that anymore, so I've put it under In Between.

Commander L'Mina was a bit shaken after meeting her mirror counterpart. Before going back to the bridge, she tapped her commbadge.
"L'Mina to counselor Nokitsune," she said, "counselor, can I drop by for a minute."

Nokitsune responded quickly. "Certainly..please do Commander. I'll be waiting for you."

"On my way," commander L'Mina said, taking a turbolift to the correct deck. Quickly she arrived at the counselor's office and rang the chime.

"Please come in.." the counselor's voice called out. As the door opened, Akane smiled at her friend. "How are you feeling Commander?"

"Thanks for seeing me so quickly," commander L'Mina said as she entered, "it's a bit weird, but I just met my mirror counterpart."

Akane blinkblinked....not sure what that meant. "I'm you mean..someone who looks just like you? Thinks like you? Where did this happen?"

"Here on the ship," L'Mina replied, "she's the mirror Bark's bodyguard and from what figured, bedwarmer as well."

"I see." She nodded and listened attentively. "And what was your reaction when you met her? And her reaction to you? What was your chemistry like?"

"I was quite surprised," L'Mina said, "I'm aware that a mirror counterpart of myself might exist, but I never thought to encounter her. As to her initial reaction to me, that's difficult to say as I was with my back to the door when she entered. The chemistry however was quite easy. She clearly thought that she was superior and in combat she probably is, although I believe myself to be the intellectual superior of us both."

Akane hmm'ed and noted this done. "Interesting. And I'm assuming it's hard to get your mind off of this encounter. Meeting one's double has always been harrowing, for those have experienced it in the past. Have you had any sense of...mental bonding?"

"Not really," L'Mina said, "I had the feeling she found me too soft and I found her way too savage. But that's probably due to the place she grew up."

She nods. "Well.. I would imagine this is normal...but if any other feelings surface....let me know please."

"Sure," L'Mina said, "well, time to get some sleep before we have to get out of this place. Thanks for listening."
With that she left the counseling office and back to her quarters for some sleep, hopefully.


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