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It's time Pt. 2

Posted on Sat Feb 10th, 2018 @ 9:16pm by Chief Warrant Officer Lohki & Lieutenant Samuel Colt & Captain Jamie T. Kirk & Lieutenant Niklaus (Klaus) Stormbringer S.F. Ranger & 1st Lieutenant Killian McLean & Commander Voric Miller & Lieutenant Commander Miral Casano & Lieutenant Jennifer DiAugustina & Lieutenant James Kilo

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: bridge
Timeline: current

OOC: If PC's are missed, please add them.



Kirk made instant decisions based on the input from her crew. "Lohki, transfer phaser control to McLean at Ops. Both of you work in conjunction, phasers and torpedoes, in weakening their shields. Save quantums for the planet killer, Lohki." Kirk stood and faced her XO. "I need you focused on piloting that shuttle, Commander Miller. Do what you need too, to help, but make that your priority." Jamie then looked back at Lohki, using a hand gesture to make sure he saw and heard her. "Our forward torpedo tubes, keep two quantums in the speed loader. You get one tube forward, Warrant Lohki."

Lohki nodded as the orders were coming, tapping keys and giving McLean phaser control when facing the ISS Sovereign.

Colt spoke out the side of his mouth left. "McLean, lemme know the arcs you need, I'll pitch and roll this girl."

{end snippet}

"ISS Sovereign has completed their transition to our side," announced Colt. "Sensors detect power fluctuations in their port warp nacelle. No time to confirm." Sam began a tighter weave pattern through planetary debris to keep them from being targeted too quickly. Not an easy task with the size of Sovereign. He patted the side of his console. ~Come on, girl~ he thought ~we got this~

Kirk, standing over Colt's left shoulder half spun to look at Jennifer. "DiAugustina, confirm sensor data."

Lohki had his weapons set. "Three forward torpedo tubes at the ready. Quantum torpedo tube loaded and ready for rapid fire, Captain." The USS Sovereign had undergone the refit so her weapons systems were far better than the standard Sovereign class.

Jennifer turned all the lateral sensors still not on the other Sovvie there.
"Full profile on it's way," she said, sending all the data over to tactical. They could immediately use it while she looked it over in a more structural way and they knew these things better than she did.

"Lohki, hail them. Visual communication." Jamie waited, turning to face the screen as she moved to center.

"Hail received and acknowledged," reported Lohki. "On screen."

The forward window brought up the viewscreen in the center. A bridge very similar to their own appeared, with another Kirk standing exactly in the same position as Jamie was, their bridge darker in hue and the Imperial Earth symbol plastered on everything. It seemed she was as dedicated to her government as Jamie was to the Federation. "ISS Sovereign, Captain Kirk, your presence here is suspicious and unannounced. By order of Starfleet Command I am to instruct you to turn around and go back to your own reality. If you do not concede we will be forced to open fire."

The Mirror Jamie, a blade scar on her right cheek, gave a grin with no warmth. "Captain Kirk, I will not concede anything." Her eyes narrowed and her face became serious. "This area is now the territory of the Earth Empire and we will defend it. Your presence here is an act of war."

Jamie, knowing what to expect from her more hostile side, gave a tilting nod of her head. "Very well, Captain. Your decision is made, as is mine. Let the joust begin." She gave a chopping motion across the throat to Lohki and he cut the transmission. "Tactical alert. All hands to battle stations!" She went over and sat in her chair. "Colt, get us within firing range and draw the enemy closer to the nebula. The planet killer will have to wait."

"Aye, Captain," responded Colt.

"Draw it towards the planet killer and let that one do the job," Jennifer suggested.

"A sound plan, Jennifer," responded Kirk. "And one I plan to exploit. We need to make it look as if that is NOT the plan, in case my double is thinking the same thing."

Lohki added to the conversation. "Sensor data does show a sporadic power fluctuation in their port warp engine. They have full warp power but their speed would be reduced." His console gave him a bleep. "We are within firing range. Torpedoes incoming!"

Kirk stood up to look at the screen and window. "Evasive starboard! Brace for impact!" Jamie went to the hand rail and held on.

Colt steered right and gave a slight dive to the maneuver as the three photon torpedoes slammed into the port side shields. Sovereign rattled and vibrated as the shields held off the damage.

"Fire at will!" Ordered Kirk. McLean and Lohki began to return fire. "Colt, set course zero-three-eight mark two-five. Take us into the nebula."

"Aye, Sir." The stars outside swung left as Colt adjusted their course, the nebula ending up centered before them.

"DiAugustina, call up data for Sovereign's command console." Kirk kept holding on as the ship vibrated with each shot she was taking.

Lohki, while firing, spoke up. "The prefix code?"

Kirk looked back over her shoulder with a grin. "Yep. If we're lucky then theirs is the same as ours and we can order that ship to lower her shields."

Colt was zig-zagging Sovereign, with their clone in pursuit. "It'll only last until they activate the override."

"It'll give them some bruises before they can get shields back up," explained Kirk. "Lohki, slow down on torpedo fire, we don't want to run out of our stockpile, and take phaser control back, McLean needs to focus on power allocation."

"Aye, sir," Jennifer said, digging into the computer for the codes. She didn't think it would work, but you never knew before trying it.
"Command code coming up, sir," she reported, "and I read something at zero-four-eight mark two-four, about 1000 klicks. Might be the planet killer, but the nebula is interfering with the readings."

"Lohki," said Kirk. "If you can hit the planet killer from here, do so. Several tags with phasers should get its attention. Colt, hold your course." Several more impacts hit the aft shields. "Divert power for aft shields."

Colt rang out his information as he should. "Two minutes to nebula. If we're at full impulse for too long the pressure on the hull..."

"I know," clipped Kirk. "Hold your course and speed, Mister."

"Aye, Sir." Colt did as ordered.

Voric kept his composure, but was very nervous, he read about the planet killer and they were formidable to say the least add the stress to the hull, things could go bad quickly.

"Number One," said Kirk. "Status on your remote piloted craft?"

Killian was working the angles while at the same time keeping power heading to where it was needed. He worked out a sequence that should give them the upper hand, using his previous skills in sharp shooting. He set the targets with tags, highlighting three different spots. "Lokhi!" He said as he transferred the information to tactical." Here's a firing solution. Life support, dish, and impulse engineering. If we hit all three at once, there should be a domino effect. Just need those shields down."

"My team is prepped." Klaus said from a secondary station." We can accompany you to the bridge when it goes down..."

Kirk glanced at Miller a moment seeing he was busy tying in with the remote Delta. "Fire at will, Lohki! Ignore the planet killer for now."

The ship vibrated and rattled a moment, as if it had passed through something. "We are now inside the Mutara nebula."

Kirk counted down in her mind; ~3-2-1~. "Slow to half impulse. Travel ten thousand more kilometers then give us a leisurely come-about to port." She announced louder. "Hold fire until I give the order."

The orders were acknowledged and the ship stayed steady for some time and then began to turn left.

Once the ship straightened again. "Colt, are you familiar with a Crazy Ivan?"

Colt glanced back. "Crazy Ivan? As in anti-submarine warfare?"

"The same," said Kirk.

Colt gave a grin and looked forward. "I am familiar, Captain."

Jamie noted they had seven minutes until the clock would read the beginning of a new hour. "At the top of the hour turn us 90 degrees to starboard..."

"Don't you mean port, Sir?" Interrupted Colt.

"No," said Kirk. "Z-minus 5,000 meters as we turn."

The orders were obeyed with Sam a bit confused over all that was going on. "Course correction made, Sir."

~3-2-1~ Kirk though in her mind. "All stop, spin us 180 degrees, stand by fire control." Kirk took in a bigger breath and let it out slowly. "Now, we sit and wait. She has to know we wouldn't go too far inside with an undamaged ship."

Lohki had all the weapons at the ready. "That statement is probably true, Captain. However, we have yet to determine if she even followed us inside. She could be waiting for us to exit so she can hammer us to oblivion."

"Thanks, Lohki," quipped Kirk, a bit of humorous sarcasm behind the words. "I feel so much better now." The bridge personnel hid smiles and stifled giggles. Her attention turned back to the problem at hand. "DiAugustina. Anything on sensors? A power surge that could be an impulse churn...anything?"

"Nothing on passive sensors, sir," Jennifer said, "and I'm not using the active ones at the moment as they can be used to track us down."

"Good call," said Kirk. More to herself than anyone else. "Once we bag and tag the ISS Sovereign, then we can focus on the planet killer."

"I have something," Jennifer said, "a disturbance in the nebula gasses at 254, inclination -15. It looks a bit like the eddies we create while flying through here at impulse, so it might be the other ship."

Kirk went over to the Science console, leaning over DiAugustina's shoulder to look at her screen. "Can you determine if it is coming toward us, or moving away?"

"Difficult," Jennifer said, "but as far as I can see it flies perpendicular, slowly converging."

Commander Miller said, "Sir, the shuttle is ready and standing by for launch. I have scanned the ISS Soveregin, she is formidable. We are going to need to find a way to outsmart her, cause her weapon ability far exceeds our own as the Empire is geared for combat more then we are."

Kirk gave a light squeeze to Jennifer's shoulder as she stood up. "Feed that telemetry to Colt. If it appears this anomaly will pass behind us I want him to back us up." Turning to face the sunken command deck Kirk descended the step-down as she looked at her Exec. "I had that in mind, Mister Miller. Thank you for expedience on the shuttle. That beast will be dealt with after this. Something tells me that the planet killer and the ISS Sovereign are here together."

Voric was curious and asked, "Sir, how did you deduce that? It is conceivable, but what makes you draw that?" He was hoping to learn from his Captain.

Jennifer was also surprised at this. While both a planet killer and mirror incursions had been documented in the past, never had they been connected. As commander Voric said, it was possible of course, but if the mirrors had found a way to make an anti-proton beam that strong, they could wipe out the Federation without much problem. While she continued to monitor the sensors, she leaned in a bit to follow the conversation.

Kirk gave a grin, a shared grin, as she glanced to Jennifer's eyes, then back to Voric. "We have a planet killer. That has been established as fact. We have the ISS Sovereign, doing an incursion into our space just when this behemoth is dicing up systems for fuel. Systems in Wild Space, not within the Federation, so no one is really paying attention since these Doomsday machines are listed as impulse only. So, how did it get here? There are fifteen light years between its last meal and this system, a great distance at impulse. Yet, here it is, shredding another system that could have held resources for millions." She looked back and forth from Miller to DiAugustina.

Jennifer checked the logs of the previous incursion of the planet killer.
"There is nothing in the logs that indicate that the previous planet killer was accompanied by or sent from the mirror universe," she said, "and while it can be possible, I think it's highly unlikely."

So," asked Kirk. "You think there are two of them, DiAugustina?"

"There are at least two planet killers known," Jennifer said, "as Kirk... well, the other Kirk, destroyed one of them, so this one has to be another one. Also if the mirror universe had something like the planet killer 100 years ago, why aren't their weapons much stronger. By now they should have learned to add that anti-proton beam onto their regular ships, or put a warp drive on the planet killer."

Jamie nodded at that, agreeing partially. It took months for Starfleet to reverse engineer the destroyed one. If the MU found this one and learned how to board it, then they could have learned how to manipulate its navigation protocols. They came through a rift, that is a fact. It stands to reason that maybe they can steer this planet killer into it, as well. They may not have had time to get to the anti-proton weaponry. Or, that Kirk is using it as a means for promotion and glory.

Lohki spoke up from the tactical. "Anything that we can imagine and accomplish, they can too."

"It can be," Jennifer said, "but it's not proven that it is. And until we have proof, we should consider other options as well."
She looked at her board.
"The disturbance is very likely another ship," she said, "the pattern indicates a search pattern."

"Hold station, Colt." Kirk gave the order, now pacing the bridge around the upper aft sections. "Lohki, prep yourself for a boarding action, and keep weapons at the ready. If we see ISS, we open fire with everything we've got. I'm sick to death of hearing about these assholes!"

Lohki gave a nod, going to a weapons cache and taking another pistol, tucking it into his belt before returning to his station. The weapons were ready, as was he, to unleash a fury on the ISS vessel he had been waiting months to rid himself of.

"Starship silhouette, dead ahead.” Announced Colt.

Kirk stood up from her command chair, the PADD she had been using tossed to the side. “Lohki, fire when ready!”

“Phaser lock inoperative, Captain.”

“Best guess, Warrant,” stated Kirk. “Fire when ready, full barrage.”

Lohki adjusted his telemetry, angling manually, and unleashed hell on the ISS Sovereign. The port side of the enemy ship was lit up by torpedo impacts and a raking of phaser fire. The port warp engine sputtered and went out after several violent explosions destroyed the internal working of the machine.

“DiAugustina,” said Kirk. “Reverse polarity on the tractor beam and use it to shove the Mirror ship out of the nebula ahead of us.”

The orders were obeyed and the tractor was re-aligned. Once told to do so, DiAugustina used the beam to latch onto the ISS Sovereign, from her port side, and the Sovereign began to push the damaged Mirror ship out of the nebula.

“Lohki,” ordered Kirk. “Keep firing. Take out their life support and main power, but leave them alive.”

“Aye, Sir,” responded Lohki.

Several long, tense minutes passed as the Sovereign pushed her evil twin out of the Mutara-class nebula. Both ships exchanged fire, the Sovereign rattling and vibrating with the impacts, but it was nothing compared to the damage suffered by the MU vessel. With only half their main power available it made them an even match for this universe. Once clear of the nebula the ISS shields kicked back in, as did this Sov’s, the tractor beam released as Colt began evasive maneuvers.

Kirk glanced back over her shoulder. “Lohki, if the planet killer is in range give it a few shots to get its attention.” Turning her face back to the forward screen/window, Kirk spoke up to be heard. “DiAugustina, give us angles on how to use the ISS as bait to get this doomsday machine where we want it.” The ship rumbled with more hits.

Lohki spoke up. “Planet killer is now homing in on us, Captain.”

Kirk ordered DiAugustina to set the Tractor back to normal, and once announced that it had been she ordered it locked onto ISS Sovereign. “Time for a tow. Colt, best speed with Tractor, and make for that rift. Lohki, keep firing at the planet killer and ISS.”

The orders were followed and went off without a hitch. The ISS Sovereign was damaged beyond the ability to break the tractor beam, the planet killer swinging around behind the true Sovereign so as to try and consume it. With the ISS in tow, and in the way, the planet killer decided to fire its anti-proton beam a few times. Jamie held tight to the safety rails on the bridge, the Sovereign vibrating and bucking with each blast, but doing far better than her counterpart.

“ISS Sovereign has suffered extensive damage, Captain.” Lohki announced this from tactical. “They can no longer try and escape, and their weapons are becoming depleted.”

Colt tossed out his own report. “Rift, dead ahead, Captain. Three thousand kilometers.”

“Keep your course, Colt!” Kirk ordered, looking to her left. “Miller, launch your Delta and shove it down that thing’s throat. Don’t wait for my order, activate when appropriate!” Miller set to work as he got the Delta ready for launch. Looking at the mission chronometer Kirk half turned and looked back at the man at Tactical. “Lohki, your time starts now. You have five minutes aboard the ISS Sovereign. We can’t give you more than that.”

“More than enough, Captain.” Lohki waved another Security officer in and then departed, stepping into the lift. Once he arrived at the proper deck Lohki sprinted to a transporter room, being beamed directly to the ISS Sovereign and deck 7. A pistol in each hand as he materialized Lohki holstered one long enough to pull a jump drive from a pouch and insert it into a panel. Tapping a few keys, overriding the entire intercom system he then hit play. Not only did it continue to throw out random algorithms to beat ship Security, it also played one song over and over, loudly. Led Zeppelin always worked, and with his genetic material the song choice made perfect sense.


"Immigrant Song"

Ah, ah.

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

Hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new land.
To fight the hordes and sing, and cry.
Valhalla, I am coming.

Always sweep with, with threshing oar.
Our only goal will be the western shore.

Ah, ah.

We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

How soft your fields so green. Can whisper tales of gore.
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.

Always sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore.

So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins.
For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing.

Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh
Ooh. Ah.
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.


The acrid smoke did not bother his lungs, and his eyes watered very little as he made his way through deck 7. Several MU crew came around a bend as Lohki pulled his second pistol back out and began to fire. His shots were true, dropping three of the five instantly, and as they returned fire he merely moved his torso to duck and dodge the bolts coming his way. The last two went down with three shots each; two to the torso, one to the forehead. Hurrying along, the seconds ticking away, Lohki holstered his weapons to drop to a knee and remove an access panel. It only opened part way. Standing, his ears catching soft boot movements from around the bend behind him, Lohki pressed his back to the wall and waited. He was hidden from view until it was too late, and all the battle damage had light playing tricks on eyes all over the ship. The barrel of a rifle appeared a few inches from his right shoulder as the owner was looking down the corridor. Lohki took the barrel in his left and shoved it upward, his right arm swinging out and bashing the midsection of the human who carried it. With his right hand he picked the man up while stepping out, tossing him back into his two companions, the three of them tumbling to the floor. Lohki leveled the rifle at them as they scrambled to get back up to fire, which was too late as he unleashed a barrage on those in the vicinity. Even bodies presumed dead received a shot each just to make sure.

Going back to his task, another panel in his way which Lohki simply ripped away. He took out another drive and plugged it in, tapping Security access codes and seeing that the data storage unit for this Sovereign was now accessible. Detaching the unit and hefting it like a baby in his arm, Lohki dropped the rifle and took up a pistol again, heading back the way he had come. Once in the transporter room he set his destination for home and activated the unit, with a pause to allow him time to step up. Disappearing from one, and arriving in the other, Lohki stepped down and went to the station, tapping the comm. “Captain, Lohki. I’ve got it.”

Kirk, on the bridge, gave a grin. “Good job, Lohki. Secure it and then report to the bridge. Kirk out.” The comm closed as Miller announced he was ready, and with the order from Jamie, launched the Delta. Sovereign had taken a beating so far, but nothing too extensive, the planet killer following both the Sovereign and her clone. “Time it right, people. Angle toward the rift, pulling the ISS with us, then break away and slingshot that bitch and her ship back into the abyss.”

ISS Sovereign was still firing at this Sovereign and the planet killer, so as Colt angled for escape DiAugustina let the tractor go. Miller, with the planet killer distracted, had swung the craft around to come in straight at the beasts maw, timing it so that the machine was not firing while ingesting a power source. The ISS Sovereign, the planet killer, and the Delta in its belly all began to enter the rift.

“Now, Miller,” ordered Kirk. He tapped his PADD and there was a brief flash of light just before the rift closed. If the planet killer, the ISS Sovereign, and the MU had seen it all then it was theirs to see. From this dimension there was no way of telling what had happened since seeing the end result had not been possible. “Mister Colt. Get us above planetary debris. Scan the debris left over, people, the entire system. We need to catalog what happened here. I’ll be in my ready room addressing Starfleet. Voric, you have the bridge.” Jamie gave a last look around. “Well done, people.” She walked into the ready room.


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