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More impulse, more maneuvering

Posted on Mon Jan 8th, 2018 @ 6:10pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin

Mission: Mirror on the Wall
Location: Impulse Engineering
Timeline: current


Having gone through every Jeffries tube with a system connected to the saucer impulse engines, then backtracked through them all with diagnostics, Kevan finally stood at a control console in Impulse Engineering. Tapping keys he input data from his tricorder and PADD, again running a level 4 diagnostic through all the systems to this point.

"How long has it been since you slept," asked an ensign.

Glancing over at the betty, Doolin gave a shrug. The stubble on his face was apparent. "Sleep? What's that?"

"Don't wear yourself down, Sir. We need you." The pretty blonde said.

"I'm fine, Love." Kevan tapped a few more keys. "Not me first time having a long night."

The woman gave a light laugh. "Are we still talking about Engineering?"

"Cheeky," replied Doolin, not looking at her but smiling. "Quantum Field Inducer?"

She checked. "All good."

"Thermal Conversion Coil?" Doolin was going to get L'Mina more maneuvering power if it killed him.

"Functioning normally."

"Ionic Flux Inhibitor?" Kevan looked over as he asked.

Tapping keys, the ensign came back. "As expected."

Doolin, looking to the impulse engines for the Primary Hull, went back to his screens. "Increase the Thermal Reaction Grid by two percent, then set as standard."

The ensign did as instructed, all the control screens in impulse engineering, monitoring the saucer impulse drives, lit up and showed normal on every level of performance. Doolin stood up straight with a sigh of relief and a grin, tapping his badge. "Commander L'Mina, Doolin here. I am activating the Primary Hull impulse drives, which should increase performance exponentially." He tapped the key and the system began to function. Outside, in space, two engines that were greay, cold and ead lit up with the amber fire of impulse power and a plasma venting drive. "Doolin, out."

Looking over at his assistant, Kevan gave a wink. "We got more power, Love. Tankya for the help. Assign a crew to monitor these stations." Putting his tools away in his vest, Doolin then walked from Impulse Engineering with a bit of a swagger.


OOC: L'Mina, please react in the JP to this data given, keep the posts in a linear form. TY.


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