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New Kid in Town

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2018 @ 1:09pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joshua MacClaren

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: Transporter Room 4
Tags: Bridge, Medical, anyone who wants to meet the new guy.

Transporter Technician Kei' Te Tuiasatupu gave a startled yelp as the three new crew members materialized on the pad. One was clearly human (although he was naked as the day he was born except for a bag slug over his shoulder) and the other two seemed to be creatures of some sort--canids she finally realized. Then a few critical details came into focus and she realized things aboard ship had just gotten a lot more interesting.

"Lieutenant MacClaren and--companions...?" she said, glancing down at the manifest. "I trust thee were no issues transporting over?"

"I hate dat t'ing!" The tech gave a startled yelp as the male canid spoke. "Shuttoes is bedda!"

The big man reached down to scratch the dog's ear. "What cannot be cured must be endured, Buddy-bud, " he said.

"I wasn't aware pets were allowed aboard..." the Transporter Tech commented. This was a problem clearly above her pay grade and there was no superior officer to take care of the issue.

"They aren't pets--they are Bonded Companions," MacClaren told her. "The variance requests have been filed and approved by Star Fleet." He brought a PADD out of the shoulder bag he wore: "I brought copies just in case... Hopefully everything has been transmitted to the appropriate offices here. Besides--if you get to know Bud and BeBe you might actually find you like them. They have proven surprisingly useful in the past..."

"I thought 'Gee Mods' were illegal..." Tuiasatupu found herself caught between wanting to enforce Star Fleet Regulations and not wanting to upset a new Crewman.

"When the line was created Genetic Modification hadn't been ruled illegal," MacClaren told her. "Since the line proved stable and they breed true the Federation decided to allow them to survive even if nobody is allowed to make more in a lab. And, as I said, I have the variance request approved..."

"So--ah Loot--you'll probably want to find some clothing..." Tuiasatupu kept her eyes fixed firmly on the dogs so she wouldn't stare at the man's nakedness--impressive as it was.

"Does the human form distress you?" The question was mild.

"Uh--no Sir..." Tuiasatupu stammered. "It's just--it's just--NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT!"

Josh sighed. "Modesty--I don't know why that continues to surprise me... This isn't Pacifica after all."

"Or Raisa either Sir..." But the light dawned for Tuiasatupu. The Triskelion tattoo on his right shoulder marked the new arrival as one of the followers of Rachel Sharon--'Hedonists'-- who espoused a doctrine of Total Love, Total Honesty and Total Respect: Pacificans, with their ideal climate and near-paradise conditions, were nudists by inclination--only covering up when the weather turned cold. "So--you're one of those Sharonites?"

"Sha-ROWN-ite..." Josh corrected her without rancor. "If you must be derogatory at least pronounce it properly."

"Sorry Sir..." Tuiasatupu prayed to whatever Gods that might be listening that someone--anyone--would rescue her from this situation. "Sharonite--I'll remember that."

"No worries Crewman," Josh told her with a smile. "The galaxy is a big place and nobody expects you to know about every weird religion that pops up! And Sharonites--or as we prefer--HEDONISTS--don't proselytize so you don't need to worry about me trying to recruit you into anything."

"Being of Fijian ancestry you'd think I'd be more used to stuff like that...." Tuiasatupu forced herself to look the new arrival in the face--which turned out not to be all that difficult. He was tall, broad and well built with a deep tan, merry ocean-blue eyes and sun-streaked sandy hair. His features were just irregular enough to make him look interesting instead of the bland regularity that so-often defined Star Fleet crew. "Our culture pretty much got absorbed."

"If you get the chance you should visit Island on Shore Leave," Josh suggested. "They preserved--or at least recreated--the Pacific Island cultures there. Nice people--nice waves! Just avoid the native Poi. That stuff is nastier than the earth variety!"

A change of subject was clearly in order and one of the man's belongings gave her the perfect opening. "I couldn't help but notice the surf board..." Tuiasatupu observed. At least that was one thing they had in common.

"We've already established I'm Pacifican," he said with a smile. "We're taught to surf as soon as we can stand on our own!"

"There are some great Surfing programs in the Holodeck files," she told him. "There are a couple-dozen hard core surfers already on board. You'll fit right in!"

"Great!" Josh cracked a broad smile. "I've never met a Surfer who wasn't cool."

Tuiasatupu looked blank. "Most of us prefer warmer water..." she said, confusion showing on her dark face.

"Vernacular," Josh told her. "Cool equels nice, kind. find, interesting--that and a bunch of other thing!"

"Oh--kay..." The conversation was rapidly turning to mud again. "You and your p--uh--COMPANIONS--probably want to settle in. I'll let the Bridge and Sick Bay know you're here..."


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