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Repairs again

Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 @ 2:26pm by Petty Officer 3rd Class Sarah Delvaux

Mission: In Between
Location: Port Nacelle
Timeline: After return to the correct universe

Sarah was looking at one of the structural beams of the port nacelle, checking her tricorder readings. During their trip back through a wormhole they had been bumped and now the higher ups in engineering wanted to have all the nacelles checked out. As structural expert, Sarah had been drafted in one of the teams to check out this part.

"Looks like it's still structurally sound," she said to the chief petty officer in charge of the team, "it has gotten a hit, but the structural integrity field absorbed most of the bang."
"True, but I show some hair fractures over here," the chief said.
"It's an older ship, chief" Sarah said, "and it's not the first time we're in combat. Those could be there for quite some time."
"No," the chief replied, "we just had an overhaul and the nacelles were replaced. These are new."
"So, what do we do," Sarah asked.
"We put some temporary reinforcements on it," the chief said, "strenghten the structural integrity field and when we're back in base, we replace some of the beams."

That Sarah could understand, as they would have to take the nacelles off to change these beams and that was not something they were going to do in the middle of space if it wasn't needed.
"I'll get the gear, chief," she said, going back to main engineering. She grabbed a couple of crewmen to get the material up, as it was quite heavy. Soon they were fixing up the beams, at least temporary, while the chief was doing the necesary for the structural integrity field.

"That's done, chief," Sarah said when they had finished.
"Good, I'll note it in the log. You guys can go. Your shift ended about half an hour ago if I'm correct."
"Thanks chief," Sarah said, grinning as she headed back, first to main engineering and then to her quarters. She and some other petty officers were going to play some poker and one of them was kinda cute, so she had to be there to try to entice him for some private entertainment later on.


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