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Lessons learned

Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 @ 5:38pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Cabhan "Kevan" Doolin

Mission: In Between
Location: main engineering
Timeline: current


Working diligently, all burned out isolinear chips replaced in the main engineering section, Doolin now looked to the 'pool table' and the team reports coming in. Shiryankin and her teams had been invaluable with their damage control repairs, and maintenance. Having been down here for days now Doolin had become accustomed to the ambient noises that came from around him, one of them being the warp core no more than 20 meters from where he stood. If he was hearing things right Kevan could swear that one of the hum's it produced A bleeping brought him back to the moment.

Looking down Doolin tapped the message and brought up the text. It was from Shiryankin and her teams. Standing up straight to relax his lumbar region Kevan tapped his badge. "Bridge, Engineering. Doolin here."

"Officer of the Deck, Lt. Nichols. Go ahead, Chief."

Doolin swiped his fingers and hand down over his mouth, as if to smooth his facial hair. It was a nervous tick he had tried for years to correct, and failed. It also worked for him when he was getting ready to explode and beat a fool to pulp. "We need to secure from warp, Lieutenant. Shiryankin's teams discovered hairline fractures along several injector leads that need to be corrected. They can't be repaired while at warp."

Nichols gave a sigh, not wanting this shit to happen on his watch. But, if the ship needed to be repaired that was a priority, especially after what it had just gone through. "Very well, Chief. How much time are we looking at?"

Running some calculations and imgaes through his mind Doolin responded. "Two days, or...roughly, 48 hours."

"Thank you, Lieutenant Doolin. I'll note that in the ship's log. Bridge out." Nichols then ordered the ship brought down to full impulse for the trip home, acceding to the wishes of the Chief Engineer.

The warp core settled down, merely a power plant now, the flowing light show now barely moving. "Alright, people," stated Doolin, his voice raised to be heard around the chamber. "The anti-matter system needs to be seen to, top to bottom, every test run. Let's get to it." The personnel picked up their pace, and here and there some broke off from lighter needs they were helping with and went to aid with the anti-matter containment system.

Doolin watched his people maintain their energy. Those with knowledge on anti-matter, more than others, immediately set aside their duties to voluntarily help with a solution and the labor needed. THAT was the mark of a good engine room. In his imagination Doolin reached up and removed the chip from his shoulder, tossing it away. Shiryankin was a great Assistant Chief, knew her engineering, and was always ready to log more hours to get repairs done. ~Kevan Doolin~ he said to himself ~Ya need to lighten up and let go, mate. Not all the great ideas will be yours~

Bringing himself back to the now, Doolin bent over the pool table once more, tapping keys.



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