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Stranger Things

Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2018 @ 7:59am by Lieutenant Taavis

Mission: Salvage
Location: USS Randall
Timeline: current

OOC: This post takes place along with an upcoming JP for the away team.


On their way to the bridge of the USS Randall Taavis noted the lack of bodies. No half empty cups of coffee, no plates or PADDs set about on various tables and surfaces. It was as if the crew had purposely left the ship, not a sudden exodus. Going to deck two, into the brig area, Taavis found the bridge access. With turbo lifts and other systems not being in perfect operation she had decided to use the hidden bridge hatch. Accessing the controls and using her Intel override codes Taavis saw the ladder replicate out of the deck and up to the hatch. Climbing up and tapping a lock-panel, Taavis unlocked the entry then reached up and pulled the lever to release the latch and swung the hatch upward and open. Cautiously she poked her head up enough to see the bridge and to look around, and like before, there was no one here. Using her hands to brace herself along the hatch edge, Taavis swung her legs up and got to her feet as she now stood on the bridge of the Randall.

Washburn followed behind the Lieutenant, casually ascending to the bridge with as much caution as his Vulcan companion. He had always found it exceedingly creepy when on away teams to vessels drifting in space, no crews aboard. “I see evidence of battle damage, Lieutenant. But, it looks like they were trying to do some repairs.” He chinned across the bridge and Taavis looked that way, seeing a tool bucket near to a carbon scored console.

“See if you can restore life support to the bridge, Mister Washburn,” ordered Taavis. “I will endeavor to check their logs.” The Security officer went across the bridge to another row of stations. Taavis removed a jump drive from a pouch and inserted it into the Science station, her back to Washburn and his to her. She could see the man in the reflection from the console. With sleight-of-hand Taavis produced another jump drive from a hidden location on her suit. Removing the previous drive she then inserted her own, downloading all the data from the memory banks while using a minimal version of a Code 47 to show no record of ever having done so. Once it was complete she spirited the personal drive back to its secret carry spot and plugged the original back in.

“Lieutenant, it seems that life support was locked down in Engineering.” Washburn turned his head slightly to talk over a shoulder, still looking at his screen. “We can’t do it from here.”

Taavis gave a nod and looked back. “The other team should get there soon and we will have more heat. Air quality seems in good order unless the Doctor finds some contagion or poison. Preliminary scans have shown nothing.”

“What about the distress beacon?”

Taavis actually stood up straight, half turning to face him as an eyebrow arched. “What about it?”

“It was never activated,” stated Washburn. “Either they never had time or they never activated it. Beyond that the computer should have noted no activity aboard and the beacon should have been turned on by the ship itself…”

“Yet, it was not,” finished Taavis. “Curious.” The console bleeped so Taavis removed the Starfleet jump drive and tucked it away. “Perhaps going through all these records will determine why.”

Washburn gave a nod. “Not much else we can do up here, Lieutenant. Should we join the others?”

Taavis glanced around for a few moments. “We shall.” Taking up her things she then went to the hatch and descended back down to deck two, followed by her escort.



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