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Still holding the reins

Posted on Sun Feb 11th, 2018 @ 9:19pm by Captain Jamie T. Kirk

Mission: USS Sovereign
Location: Ready room
Timeline: current


Kirk had filed her logs and reports for the issues with both the planet killer and the ISS Sovereign. Everything had been filed by the book. Now, sitting in her dimmed ready room, leaning back in her chair and relaxing, Jamie stared up at the ceiling. The Sovereign had undergone her first mission, the crew up to par.

“Incoming transmission from Starfleet Command, coded.”

Kirk blinked her eyes a few times to get her brain back in officer mode then sat up and reached out to hit the activate key for the incoming signal. “Computer, decode message and open the channel.”

It took a few moments for a response. “Signal decoded, transmission open.”

A holographic representation of Commodore Aaron Stone appeared before Kirk, he too sitting at his own desk half lounging back in his chair. He gave a grin. “Well done, Captain. The Sovereign took care of the planet killer and an MU vessel without much hassle. You deserve a congrats.”

Kirk grinned in return, her eyes remaining more serious. “My crew deserves the congrats, Commodore. They decided to trust me, offered key ideas, and we accomplished our first mission together. I would like to put the Sovereign, under this particular crew, in for an Efficiency Ribbon.”

Stone waved that off. “Send the recommendation. I am calling, Captain, to let you know that those above my station have agreed with me. You are still captain of the Sovereign, with all the rights and privileges. Sovereign is your command, Jamie.”

Jamie’s grin faded as the news hit home. They were letting her stay, something she had not been expecting. “All of you have my gratitude for trusting me this much, Sir. I’m still settling in with ship and crew, but that will all pass in time.”

“We have no doubts,” replied Stone. “See to your ship’s repairs, if any are needed. Report to Starbase 55 if you feel you need dock time. As for your area of operations, you’re currently sitting in the middle of it. Wild Space, Captain Kirk. That is going to be your area for exploration and study.”

Not wanting to argue at the moment, pleased she was allowed to remain Commanding Officer, Jamie did not feel like asking about other assignments—just yet. “I will confer with my command staff and we’ll determine what we need. My Chief Engineer is competent and will let me know if we need dock time.”

Stone sat up, his right arm resting on his desk ready to shut down. “I have a couple of meetings today, so I’ll cut this short. Congratulations, Jim. I mean that. Go out and make your mark, Captain. Stone out.” He reached off screen and the transmission cut, closed down by the computer for Security reasons.

Kirk leaned back in her chair again, her grin still not returning as her mind began to go over command protocols. “Computer, lighting up by one-quarter illumination.” Jamie sat up and got ready to use her computer, the lights brightening. Tapping keys Kirk began to read damage control reports.



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