Created by Captain Cassandra Quinn on Fri Jul 21st, 2017 @ 12:27pm

1. Make sure you post under the correct mission.

2. Since our sim takes place on two separate ships and a starbase...and can include a planet or enemy ship...locations are to include the ship, base or planet as well as the location on that ship or base. (ex: USS Eclipse – Sickbay. USS Freedom – Bridge. SB55 – Promenade) Change in location within a post is designated by =====location=====

3. Times depend on if we are in a mission or not. If the post is part of the mission the time should show the mission day (MD2) and the time of day.

4. If your post is a continuation of another post...paste the last part of the first part at the beginning of the post (Previously....) in italics then follow it with ON:. End all posts with OFF, END or TBC. Signatures are not required.

5. NOVA uses simple HTML codes in posts. For italics and bold...< I or B > at the beginning and < /I or /B > at the end. Make sure you close the code so that everything that follows is not coded. For more information on HTML coding go to

6. Thoughts are to be italicized, speech is always “ “. =^= can be used to show the speech of the ship's computer, ship wide announcement or combadge communication, without having to write so and so said.

7. Starfleet, Eclipse, Federation, starbases' names, planet names, people's names, species and ranks are capitalized. The first word in a sentence is capitalized. Sentences end in periods.